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1 - Waterfall Calendar

2 - My Breil Chronograph

3 - Dalvey Clock

4 - Dolce Memole

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21 commenti

  1. Anonimo // 8 maggio 2009 14:48  

    Hello, have a nice weekend!

  2. bestar // 8 maggio 2009 18:06  

    Hi Adriana...
    have a nice week too...
    and I hope good news about your site..
    take care...

  3. kris // 13 maggio 2009 18:03  

    Ho inserito i gadget ma ho un problema: si aprono tante finestre con la tua pagina! Come mai? Anche navigando su google mi ritrovo all'improvviso la tua pagina...

  4. bestar // 13 maggio 2009 18:13  

    ciaoooo Krisssss....
    presto sistemerò tutto..

  5. ANNA // 30 maggio 2009 17:56

  6. Marie // 9 giugno 2009 10:32  

    Thank you so much for stopping by my place and for the very kind comment on my creations. It is my pleasure and honor to have your lovely calendar gracing my pages.

  7. bestar // 9 giugno 2009 16:58  

    hi Marie...I love your creations...
    they're very very amazing...
    and I love Beatles...

  8. Marie // 13 giugno 2009 03:32  

    Hi Bestar
    I wish I could take credit for creating that image with the girl on fire, but I did not make that one. Please stop by again sometime.I hope you have a great weekend.
    Hugs from Kansas City (USA) =)

  9. bestar // 13 giugno 2009 10:05  

    I appreciate your sincerity...and I think your creations exemplifies individual achievement...
    oh yeah...I'll come back, of course..
    have a great weekend, too..

  10. Marie // 14 giugno 2009 09:43  

    You are so sweet, thank you very much.
    Let me know when you get your tutorial for smoke up, would love to see it !!

  11. Marie // 16 giugno 2009 05:47  

    It is an honor that you include me as one of your friends, I am kind of new to the whole blog thing, I would love to add you, but not sure how to, I don't see an add button.

  12. bestar // 17 giugno 2009 00:01  

    Hi Marie...the honor is all mine
    to insert my link it's easy...just insert
    into your gadget "Blogs I follow"..
    if you need help, write me...

  13. Marie // 17 giugno 2009 04:02  

    You are the best thank you =)
    Where are you going to? I would love to go on vacation, would love to go to Italy, visit the museums and visit some wineries !! Either there or Greece and visit family, or Croatia and visit family =)

  14. Marie // 18 giugno 2009 22:02  

    Hi ! Alright, another question for you, how did you put a comment box on your pages, I have tried to change my script from tutorials on the web and nothing works. I put a comment "gadget" so we can talk but prefer something like you have, I think it would be easier.
    Many hugs,

  15. bestar // 19 giugno 2009 03:09  

    Hi Marie...
    Take a look here:
    big hugs

  16. Marie // 19 giugno 2009 08:04  

    Thank you very much, I have done that several times but it still doesn't show a comment box. Oh well, I have the other one now, thank you though.
    Soooooo how are you? The weather here is very hot, about 95 degrees Fahrenheit, but I love the heat so I am very happy =) I love to play in the sun.
    Thank you for all of your help, you are such a sweetheart.

  17. Marie // 5 luglio 2009 22:41  

    Ciao mio dolce amico! I am so glad to see you back safe and sound from your holiday. I hope you had a wonderful time !!! Molti abbracci !!!!

  18. bestar // 7 luglio 2009 11:30  

    Hi Marie...
    Thank you for "mio dolce amico"..
    many hugs...

  19. Marie // 9 luglio 2009 01:39  

    Hi !!!! Have you recuperated from your vacation? It is so hard to get back into the same routine again =) How are your tutorials coming? I cannot wait to see them. I find so much information on your pages, I want to thank you for sharing your talent and intelligence with all of us.
    Have a great day mio dolce amico =)
    Many many hugs and kisses

  20. bestar // 9 luglio 2009 12:14  

    Hi Marie...
    Thanks for your nice word...
    you're right...
    It's very very hard to get back to everyday life..
    I am very happy to help you...
    Have a great day too my sweet little Marie..
    Likewise, if you have any questions about tips and tricks blog, then just email them in: and I’ll be happy to answer.

  21. Philip V Ariel // 20 giugno 2011 16:43  

    Hi Bestar,
    Good to be here.
    Good and useful tutorial here
    Thanks for the widgets too
    Keep inform
    Would like to come back here again to learn more
    Thanks for sharing
    Best regards
    Phil :)

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